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No matter where life will take us.
We know where we are from.

Lucky Explorer

CONCEPT OF Lucky Explorer

Suddenly, they made our dreams come true. It was the 1980s and with Paris-Dakar, we realised that driving doesn’t end when the asphalt does. Two wheels opened up the doors to infinity. We discovered that we can travel thousands of kilometres through nothing, push the limits of ourselves and our bike, find our way by looking at a road book held together with an elastic or repair an engine with our bare hands in the middle of the night.

All of this has become a part of us. And today we’re bringing it back to life. Two models to revive the spirit of adventure that marked an age. And reclaim our freedom, on everyday roads.

lucky explorerInsights

Today you can ride this promise. You can choose a bike that is made to go very far. Or a bike that is closer, friendly. Both have a past that has grown your wanderlust. And a present that screams at you to face the next horizon. In common, a logo, bringing back memories of great feats. From undisputed queens of Eicma 2021, capable of filling pages of newspapers around the world, the 5.5. and 9.5 models are now ready for an exciting new adventure to be told. Wear your helmet.... it's time to take back your freedom.