A bike is never just a bike.
You think you’re just looking at the surface... And you’re already looking behind.
It’s personal, but it’s also universal.
The emotions and the rêveries... and dreams.
A lot of meanings come to life before your eyes, when you see a bike.
“We are extremely proud we were able to tell, within this exciting documentary, how the passion for motorbikes can unite apparently distant worlds such as video games and motorsport”
Luisa Bixio, CEO di Milestone
“Once they sent me a motorcycle, an F4, to do a restyling. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of anything I could do to make it look better than it already did. I didn’t want to ruin it, so I decided to give up the idea. I found it, and I still do today, a timeless motorcycle. Making something that’s fashionable is relatively easy. But making a timeless object is very difficult”
Horacio Pagani, Founder & Chief Designer di Pagani Automobili
“Making this film together with MV Agusta was a pleasure and an honour. MV is a jewel of Made in Italy, with many facets: it has glorious history and today it turns 75, but it is also and above all a young, dynamic avant-garde company. To convey this interesting complexity in a film, we decided to tell the story of these works of motorcycle art through the gaze of different characters, from different points of view.The result was "You See A Bike”, which is a documentary that mainly tells the relationship between the individual and these irresistible mechanical souls.”
Andrea Manenti, Director
“For me, riding an MV AGUSTA had always been an impossible dream until the day Timur gave me the opportunity to become MV Agusta's official pilot. He had two magnificent bikes developed specially for me, a Brutale and an F3, and created the Freestyle Division. The emotions these bikes give me when I ride them are simply extraordinary. I am thrilled to join MV Agusta in celebrating their 75th anniversary, and very proud of being part of their incredible story.”
Thibaut Nogues, Freestyle Division Rider