mv ride

A totally new level of connectivity between you and your motorcycle.

MV Agusta community

Our app allows MV owners to completely personalise their riding experience. A totally new level of connectivity between the users and their motorcycle. The MV Ride app will let the entire MV Agusta community interact with each other by sharing travelling routes and experiences.

compatible with

MV Agusta models equipped with second generation 5,5” TFT screens

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Personalize your bike

The Bike section allows to check the battery charge and fuel level. Every detail can be personalised from the “engine”, “suspensions” and “safety” menus.

Users will be able to change the setup of their bikes' suspension, fork, rear suspension, and steering damper. Traction control and ABS can also be adjusted, as well as the custom map in the MVICS 2.0 platform.

Visualise your route

The user can easily visualise all the itineraries on the smartphone screen and follow the turn-by-turn navigation on the bike's large, second generation TFT colour screen.

The level of detail is very high to make navigation easier, without diverting the rider’s attention from the road. The section also allows to save itineraries for future use, with the possibility to share and receive itineraries from other MV Ride users for group trips

MV world

Trips collects all the riding data from recent trips. Lean angles, gear shifts, throttle and other data are recorded and linked to the specific trip. Pictures taken during any trip can also be added and shared through the app, offering a unique way to preserve memorable experiences.

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