12 Months


ENGINE: cylinder head and related gasket, timing gears, engine block, camshaft, main bearings (crankshaft main bearings), piston rod bearings (crankshaft piston rod bearings), shafts and rocker arms, crankshaft, piston rods, oil pump, hydraulic tappets, rocker arm unit, intake valves (not carbonised, burnt, corroded), exhaust valves (not carbonised, burnt, corroded), valve guide, head tappet cover gasket, pistons, timing chain (including tensioners), piston rings

GEARBOX: main shaft, secondary shaft, EAS gear sensor kit, complete freewheel start, gears, gearbox bearing, oil gaskets, radial shaft seals, control unit

FUEL: electric fuel pump, throttle and injectors, float

ELECTRIC CIRCUIT: alternator, engine starter, ride-by-wire gas control, lambda sensor, navigation device (only if included as standard), heated hand grips

ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: injector unit, instrument-dashboard panel

COOLING SYSTEM: radiator, water pump, radiator electric fan

BRAKING SYSTEM: master cylinder, ABS or hydraulic aggregate pump (hydraulic part only), ABS electronic unit

CLUTCH: clutch master cylinder, secondary cylinder; LABOUR: detach and reattach according to time required and the manufacturer’s instructions applied exclusively to the breakage of pieces covered by the Warranty, excluding diagnosis and finding the fault



1. Check that all work has been carried out according to the scheduled maintenance plan

2. Visual check of suspension seal elements

3. Check presence and possible removal of non-approved installed components, replacing them with components supplied from the previous owner or purchased from MV Agusta

4. Check that the motorcycle complies with applicable legislation

5. Check for any alterations to the motorcycle

6. Check non-original MV Agusta components installed

7. Visual check of fuel pipes and seals

8. Visual check of points of contact, movement freedom and correct position of flexible cables and exposed electric wiring

9. Check lever play and controls

10. Lubrication of handlebar levers and foot controls

11. Check final drive wear

12. Check tension and lubrication of final drive chain

13. Check tightening of the rear wheel hub unit

14. Check rear wheel hub unit wear

15. Check rear wheel bearings and steering bearings

16. Check tightening of all safety components (rear and front brake calliper fastener screws, brake discs, brake master cylinders, etc.)

17. Reading of control unit diagnostics and check that software version is up to date (if available)

18. Check presence of any recall campaigns and technical updates

19. Check tyre pressure and wear

20. Check battery and charger circuit level

21. Check engine oil level

22. Check function of electronic safety devices

23. Check for engine leaks

24. Check lighting devices, indicators, horn and controls

25. Check coolant level

26. Check oil level in brake and clutch systems and their correct function

27. Check correct function of brake and clutch systems

28. Check for cooling system leaks

29. Check wear of brake pads and discs

30. Check upcoming maintenance (dashboard service function)

31. The motorcycle must not have been involved in an accident in agreement with previous owner

32. Complete check of the kit provided, instruments, second key, card code, user and maintenance manual, etc.

33. Check correct function of keys and insertion of the steering lock

34. Standard dashboard setting (adjust time, enable EAS, etc. or factory reset of settings where available)

35. Fill up with fuel until reserve light goes out

36. Test motorcycle in stationary position and on the road with check of the correct function of all devices (ABS, EAS, etc.), electric fans, minimum speed, gearbox and clutch

37. Complete cleaning of the motorcycle

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