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In the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro, technology and style merge to create a true sculpture on two wheels.  One of the most characteristic elements, is the presence of aerodynamic wings, marking a new paradigm in the design and development of new MV Agusta models and inspired by the brand's glorious past. Beyond the crucial quest for the best aerodynamic penetration coefficient (Cx), the engineers also focused on optimizing vertical load (Cz), with significant benefits for riding dynamics, ensuring incredible stability, a fundamental factor given the exceptional performance of the bike in terms of both top speed and acceleration.The aerodynamic wings on the fairing are not only elements with a strong visual impact but are perfectly integrated into the overall fluid dynamics management.  Extensive tests have shown that at high speeds, the bike offers absolute directional precision and stability, without sacrificing manoeuvrability and agility in different riding conditions. The analysis of aerodynamic flows, derived from aeronautics techniques, was a fundamental part of the development of the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro, resulting in a final version of the bike that ensures optimal rider protection at high speeds, improved overall comfort, performance optimization, perfect engine breathing, and hot air dissipation to ensure optimal usage conditions.


The material chosen to give the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro its aesthetic shape is carbon fibre, used in two different processes: press-moulded and laminated. This dual approach adds further stylistic refinement, enhancing both the visual appeal and structural integrity of the motorcycle. Carbon fibre is not only used for its lightweight properties but also for its incredible strength and durability, which are crucial for high-performance motorcycles. There are 41 carbon fibre components, including the dashboard support, chain guard, full fairing, and other parts in the dedicated kit. This extensive use of carbon fibre contributes to the bike’s aggressive and sophisticated look, ensuring high performance and durability. Titanium is also a prominent element on the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro, the bespoke Akrapovic 4-exit exhaust, as well as the fasteners, are made of such element. Adding further elegance and exclusivity, genuine leather is used on the belt that runs along the fuel tank. The Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro aims to appeal to the tactile senses as well. To achieve this, the seat was meticulously crafted with a blend of leather and Alcantara.

  • 4
  • 208 HP
    Engine max. Power @ 13000 R.P.M.
  • >300 KM/H
    Max speed
  • 998 CC
    Engine displacement