MV Agusta Protection, the official insurance for owners of MV Agusta motorcycles, announces its new offer. The offer is provided by P&T Insurance Broker through the MotoProtection brand, a benchmark for premium insurance solutions in the motorcycle world.
The new rate is convenient and simple, varying according to two parameters:
1. The region (with two zones in some regions)
2. The number of negligent claims made in the last 6 years, with a special entry bonus for anyone with only one claim — a claim rebate. In addition, the MV Agusta Protection offer always includes with the RC insurance:
- compensation waiver, whereby the company waives its right to claim against the insured
- any driver, which allows you to let anyone ride your motorcycle
- exclusive Dealer Repair service, making life easier for the insured in the event of an accident without fault, allowing the official dealer to calculate the damage and repair the vehicle independently
- a 25 million limit

The offer also includes policy suspension ensuring the convenience of being able to suspend insurance if the motorcycle is not used during the winter months.
But that’s not all: if you purchase at least two additional policies from fire and theft, legal protection and driver accident, you will automatically receive a 25% discount on your RC insurance.
This translates into a RC insurance priced from €157.
Finally, the exclusive roadside assistance service is also included, exclusively for the Italian market, and purchasable separately from RC insurance as well, with services such as:
- vehicle recovery up to 500 km round trip
- assistance abroad
- apparel insurance, with reimbursement of up to €250 to replace damaged official apparel

For a quote, please visit an official Italian MV Agusta dealerships or visit the website www.mvagustaprotection.it
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