The opening of the 2024 riding season is the perfect opportunity to invite all MV Agusta owners to experience the Official Dealers and Service Points renewed network.

MV Agusta invites all Customers owning MV Agusta Motorcycles produced since January 2018 to visit the Official Dealers and Official Service Points network to benefit from a free check* and a 20% advantage on Original Spare Parts**.

To participate, Customers simply need to register using the form available below to receive the confirmation voucher. This voucher can be used to schedule your appointment at the nearest Official MV Agusta Dealership or Service Point.

The initiative includes a free check* of your motorcycle and a 20% advantage applicable on all Original Spare Parts ** listed below.

The free check* is guaranteed and it is not linked to the purchase of Original Spare Parts**.

At the end of the free check* the Customer will decide whether to conduct any intervention and the 20% advantage will be applied on every Original Spare Part** included in the list below.

To find out the year of production of your motorcycle it is necessary to identify the tenth character of the VIN Number, located before the letter V. This character indicates the year of production: J=2018, K=2019, L=2020, M=2021, N=2022 and P=2023.

Request the voucher

Campaign Details

(*) The free check includes:
- Battery charger check
- Tyre wear check
- Tyre pressure monitoring
- Rear brake pad visual check
- Front brake pad visual check
- Tightening check
- Engine oil level check
- Rear hub visual check
- Rear hub nut tightening check
- Checking brake/clutch fluids
- Checking clutch lever free play
- Coolant level check
- General lighting check
- Transmission chain lubrication and tension register
- Front headlamp adjustment
- Front wheel bearings check

(**) The 20% advantage includes the following spare parts***:
- Battery
- Front brake PAD
- Rear brake PAD
- Oil filter
- Washer D24-D16
- Air filter
- Spark Plugs
- Fuel filter
- Silent block rear
- Rear Flange
- Wheel bearings
(***) Labor cost related to the replacement and/or assembly of Original Spare Parts ** that are included in the WE CARE Campaign does NOT benefit from advantages linked to the initiative.

Registration for the initiative, or request for the voucher, will be possible until 31 May 2024; The appointment at the Official MV Agusta Dealer or Service Point (which includes a free check* and a 20% discount on Original Spare Parts **) must take place within 60 days after from the voucher’s issue date.

Campaign not available in Sweden.

For Japan, the campaign will start on April 1st and end on June 30th, 2024.