Designed for heart-stopping, tarmac-burning take-offs. Its untamed beastly power and its arrogant, irreverent appeal, make it totally irresistible.

Meanest strip racer look
Lenticular wheel
1000 displacement
4-cylinder engine
208 HP to 212 HP (with racing kit) for over 300 Km/h top speed
Launch-control system for beastly take-offs
4 engine maps
Full Ride by Wire

Concept ofRush

Rush 1000 represents the ultimate evolution in the world of the hyper naked. Designed for heart-stopping, tarmac-burning take offs, it possesses the irreverent appeal of drag racing.

It's arrogant, untamed character offers unfiltered riding emotions yet with maximum safety provided by the most advanced electronics.


Featuring a 1000cc 4 cylinder engine, the Rush 1000 offers true Replica MotoGP performance with speeds of up to and beyond 300 km/h. Sharing the engine, chassis and electronics of the Brutale 1000 models, it has unique distinctive traits such as the signature tail pipes, the lights clusters, the rear frame and the passenger’s seat, which were specially designed for the Rush 1000.