#aMVassador road trips: Austria to France with the Turismo Veloce 800

In search of a new motorbike we found the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce in August 2018 at a MV Agusta dealer in Lower Austria. It was love at first sight! The beautiful design, the red frame, these panniers, narrow, graceful and fast in standing!

All modern gimmicks from quick shifter, cruise control, heated grips, to traction control and ABS!

Already equipped with comfort seats, a centre stand and GPS Garmin zūmo® 390LM in the MV-Agusta Edition this bella moto is ready for big trips together with my wife Ulli as pillion rider! https://tinyurl.com/y6djddbu

After a first test ride, we were thrilled by this great machine and immediately the purchase contract was signed!

We both love Italy very much! The land, the people, music, design and food! We have often travelled by motorcycle through Bella Italia. We drove from Austria to Sicily a few years ago. Now it had to be another country.

As a destination for our three-week trip from May 17th to June 10th 2019 we have chosen France!


From Vienna to Switzerland

By ÖBB auto train and sleeper we travelled in the night from Vienna comfortable to the west of Austria, to Feldkirch in Vorarlberg. In Bregenz on Lake Constance, which connects Austria, Germany and Switzerland, our motorcycle adventure began!  https://tinyurl.com/y4ese7nf

Along the beautiful lake, the route took us through the Principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland to Germany, in the middle of the famous Black Forest to Lake Titisee.


Traveling through France: Dijon and the Burgundy

The first stage of France to Dijon in the east of the country was a rain battle! 300kms with heavy rain, but the handling of the Turismo Veloce (TV) was very good in the rain mode. Thanks to the mounted Pirelli Angel GT tires, which are also very good in the rain and harmonize perfectly with the bike.

Our clothing was waterproof and the fairing of the TV, the high windshield and hand guards in connection with the grip heaters have offered very good weather protection!  My hands were dry even after this long ride.

Luckily the weather was sunny and warm afterwards! The Burgundy wine area is beautiful (a little reminiscent of Tuscany, which of course is incomparable!).
In the Chateau de Savigny-les-Beaune, the lord of the castle collects hundreds of combat aircraft of all countries, motorcycles (of course many MV Agusta motorbikes), firefighter cars and owns one of the largest ABARTH racing cars collections in Europe! https://www.chateau-savigny.com/


The Loire and its chateaux

Along the river Loire, which rises in the middle of France from a spring and flows to the Atlantic, begins the legendary castle tour, which can only be recommended by motorcycle!

Many chateaux (castles) and wine seats (Domaines) had impressed us, included the Château de Chambord, Chateau de Chenonceau and Chateau Villandry with its beautiful gardens!

Regardless of tank bag, side panniers, top case and pillion rider the TV rides wonderfully smooth and agile! Especially the touring mode is mentioned, which performs the switching operations soft and almost completely pull-free.
After over 400kms day tour, we were still fit and had no back pain as before on other motorcycles!
A big BRAVO and GRAZIE to the engineers of MV Agusta!

The quick shifter and the great, revving three-cylinder, which provides a lot of power even at low revs, in combination with the agile handling and low weight makes the TV to one of the lightest travel-motorbikes. You can feel pure riding pleasure! That's why the name "Turismo Veloce" means “fast travelling”. The cruise control in 6th gear makes highway trips to a joy.


From Normandy to Paris

Back to travelogue: After visiting the city of Orléans, including statue of the Virgin we went north over Le Mans to Normandy. Fast 450 kms highway are made perfectly for the TV; you just want to ride all day!

On the next day a new destination waited for us! We left Normandy via Le Havre and arrived in Paris after 430 kms. Even in the rush hour we got along perfectly with the TV, thanks to the narrow construction, including the side panniers, we rode through the traffic jam and could keep up with the local scooter riders! Ulli liked it a little bit slower, but Mike passion is riding, so he had to circle the MV Agusta through the traffic jam! The magnificent machine also puts these trips like nothing away and didn’t run hot!
Unlike some motorists in their cages. 

In Paris Bercy our Bella started in the evening with the auto train (without passengers) traveling south to Avignon. We enjoyed Paris with sightseeing and for dinner we had a nice Entrecôte steak.


South of France

In the morning we took the TGV high-speed train with up to 350km/h in just 2.5 hours from Paris to Avignon and picked up the TV, which was already waiting for us. Congratulations to the French Railways SNCF, the transport of man and machine worked great and was punctual on the minute! https://it.oui.sncf/it/

The MV Agusta dealer Motorenard is here located. http://www.motorenard.fr/

Christophe Cussonnet is a true expert for Italian motorcycles and especially with MV Agusta you are in his shop at the right place and very welcome! Especially with the model Turismo Veloce he is an absolute professional and the bike got a check after more than 3,000 km ride on our journey. The bikewas in perfect conditions!

Over the Haute Provence, a fantastic mountain road full of bends through the Verdon National Park led us to the lake Lac de Sainte-Croix and on the next day we rode through the French Grand Canyon du Verdon. Countless curves, rock overhangs and narrow streets were easily mastered thanks to the quick shifter and in Sport mode. What a great riding experience these streets are for motorcyclists! You have to visit this beautiful spot on earth!


On 29th May we arrived in glamor Monte Carlo and checked in at the Hotel Fairmont at the famous Hairpin bend. Two days of rest, relax at Nikki Beach and lazy doing nothing standing on our schedule. Early in the morning a round was turned on the TV at the Formula 1 street circuit, with a photoshoot break at the marina. https://www.fairmont.com/monte-carlo/

As a vacation spot for the next five days we had chosen Cannes. Lying on the beach, shopping and enjoying French cuisine. Without luggage Day trips to Saint-Tropez and along the legendary coastal road on the Côte d'Azur - pure enjoyment with the MV!


Long way home

Time passed too fast and we had to start again towards Austria through Italy via Genoa in the direction of Varese. Here we had the great opportunity to visit the MV Agusta factory - thanks to Stefano Voltan from MV-Agusta Motor for the impressive and very informative tour! For me as a true #aMVassador it was like in paradise!

Next to the factory there is the MV dealer Paronelli Motorcycles S.A.S. which we highly recommend. www.paronelli.com

The heartfelt way of the owner Adalberto Paronelli and his father convinced us in July 2019 to drop off our TV for the 30,000 km service. 

Through Switzerland we rode over the San Bernardino Pass at 1,700 m altitude to Feldkirch (Austria), where the auto train to Vienna was already waiting for us.


Conclusion - after 5,000km! Three great weeks, experienced a lot and a very reliable and beautiful motorbike, perfect balanced for long road trips! Quick shifter and cruise control work perfect together with the well-tuned 3-cylinder engine – result: 

MOTORCYCLE ART since 1945!