India from south to the north... in a F4 RC // #aMVassador road trips

Hi to all MV lovers, I’m Harish Rossi from India, riding an F4 RC AMG #94.

I’ve just concluded a record-scoring trip from Kanyakumari to Khardhung La. Why this is a record?
Because I travelled from the Southest city of the Country up Northest motorable access of India for more than 6.000 kilometers.

I ride a lot, but at this time I wanted to do something really special for a sportbike.


For some of you reading, this might be not a hard conquest if compared with European or American long trips. But think about it, riding through India means bringing your bike on-the-road, but also off-road. And this is no common usage for an MV F4.


My trip started from my hometown, Chennai to the official start in Kanyakumari, with warm and wet weather (it gets up to 40-44° C) and ended riding at -4° C in the top highlands of India. 

It’s 2 years now owning this beautiful F4 RC and I’ve traveled 20,420 km so far. But the greatest moments are the ones I’m about to tell you about.


From Kanyakumari to Mumbai: enjoying the Indian roads.

The travel has been though: 800 km per day on average. It was really a great challenge.

We rode the distance from Kanyakumari to Bangalore in a single day, traveling by night for about 800km.

Just the time for some 7 hrs rest and we left to Mumbai. Some 900 km with just some stop to rest our legs and backs and luchbreaks. And refueling, of course.

All this stage of the trip faced really high temperatures, up to 43° C. It has been foundamental keep ourselves hydrated and stop time by time: if you travel in India, you have to be well aware of climate conditions in order to be prepared for anything.


From Mumbai to Jammu: the hardest part is coming.

Until here, the roads are phenomenal. We explored the beautiful city of Jaipur far and wide.

Riding an MV makes every stop a moment to gather attention, new and old friends, youngsters and elders. It’s simple to fascinate everyone and share some passion. I can tell MV is the sexiest bike compared to any other possible brand.


Here we visited the close temple of Amritsar, a famous golden temple, from were we left to Jammu.

From here, roads become older and less comfortable, and we were forced to spend two days here because of some technical issues and some road problems.

On the third day we decided to leave at any cost in order not to delay any further.

Traveling here came up to be good because of cooler temperatures that bring at least a bit of relax for me.

Here every city has his own uniqueness and landscapes are great.


From Jammu to Khardhung La: wasn’t it a road trip?

From here on, the hardest part of the trip started. We had to stop some 140 km from Jammu because of landslides in the surrounding streets. There was no other choice for us since the road was closed.

The following day in the middle of the night we were informed that the road was finally opened so we left at 1.50 AM for the hardest part of the trip.

In this part of the country several roads are just narrow tracks, pure off-road at 5° C. This was really challenging and it doesn’t happen often to me to ride the F4 with TC at level 8 and rain map. 

At the end of this, all my body was pain and we all were so stressed by the extreme attention to be paid while riding.


A painful element here is that every transport is managed by trucks which cross the region with massive loads and traffic. It was a bit scary to move along with them. Because of the conditions of the road, our speed was much slower than trucks capabilities so in a nutshell I passe being the fastest to the slowest on the road.

Finally we reached Kargil from where beautiful sceneries open up to us riders: the majest Hymalayan mountains. A beautiful region strictly controlled by Indian army - this has been a territory of conflict with Pakistan authorities in the decades. Nevertheless, this presence has also been a support for us on these though roads.


Getting to the final destination: Khardhung La

When you travel this region, you’d really like to stop at every turn for the beautiful landscapes you get around you, but of course this was something not feasible for us in order to keep the timings and avoid riding on the lowest temperatures.


At this altitudes, where oxigen thins out, the MV bike experience a bit of "hiccup" in power distribution. Also fuel is not optimal because it’s hard to get 97 octane petrol everywhere, using mostly 91 and 93 octane.


From Sringar comes the difficult part: the road called Zojila Pass, the most challenging road in India. It’s honestly hard to define it a road: you have to travel some 60 kilometers through water and slippery terrain, double-way road. Here you have just to be strong and motivated to get til Kargil having some rest.


I have to tell you something about food. In India we have so many different cultures. In south India, where I come from, we are used having lot of rice. That’s not like this when you get in the north of the Country: here you can get “roti”, “chapati” and “tanduri” most of the time. It’s not something we’re used to have every day and it’s not the best while riding. For me it has been foundamental to keep hydrate.

Altitude impact on your physical capabilities: I had to stop several times having the head turn around and the only thing you have to do is to calm down and breath.


In the end, we reached the final destination. The World’s highest motorable access.

Here, no matter how good your gloves will be, you can truly feel the rigid temperature. You just can’t feel your hands.

Mainly with no roads and altitude bringing you to stop literally every 10 minutes to take breath, calm down and continue.

It’s 18.231 ft altitude of pure joy and incredible emotion.

It took 9 days to complete this amazing exeperience. I’m glad I accomplished this successfully and safe, and also because I did this with my bike.

If you want to have an idea of Harish’s travel, click on this Google Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/QQgCULYBszsBkgPq8


Sportbikes are not meant to be ridden only on track. I think I proved this during my trip.

In the end, I managed to finish the trip, somehow, and I’m really proud to have an MV Agusta and what this sportbike allowed me to achieve in this endeavour. This is gonna be a record.

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