The MV Agusta Face Mask is 100% Made in Italy with internal Italian manufacturing. Our mask features a 100% pure titanium nasal septum adjustment plate to guarantee the from both breakage and oxidation by coming into contact with chemical agents and water. The mask is made from 100% neoprene which has three fundamental characteristics: temperature resistance, very elastic material, and extremely resistant to cutting and abrasions. These properties allow our masks to be used for a long time being easily washable and disinfected. The logo is made from genuine Made in Italy calfskin which has been sewn by hand. The MV COVID mask is equipped with a water-repellent and cleansed TNT filter and N02 valves that can be dismantled to be washed and disinfected. The mask is sewn with a 5-needle machine specially calibrated only and exclusively for this process.
We have the possibility to have a filter as mentioned above, but these masks are not to be considered as a medical device.

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