The designers and engineers focused on two objectives: compliance with certification parameters defined by the standard and, in keeping with MV Agusta traditions, maintenance of the exceptional engineering and dynamics its motorcycles are renowned for. Excellent results were obtained despite the very significant reductions in exhaust gas and noise emissions required by the Euro 4 standard. These are reduced by 50% and 48% respectively compared to Euro 3.

The F3 675 and F3 800 share many new mechanical and electronic features. Improvements to the chassis were also implemented. In particular, the three-cylinder engine benefits from a new frame mount point, which increases torsional and longitudinal rigidity.

About the mechanicals, the most important figure is the confirmation of the declared maximum power output: 128 hp for the F3 675, and 144 hp for the F3 800. Talking about electronics, the MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) has been upgraded to improve the ability to achieve the dynamic excellence which has become an MV Agusta hallmark. Engine management algorithms have undergone extensive redesign, enhancing

Ride By Wire efficiency.

In particular, these improvements concern the relationship between throttle twist and power delivery, which is now more efficient and direct. Also the Model Year 2017 Dragster RR is Euro 4 certified and benefits from many of the latest technical improvements made to the electronics and engine of the three cylinder MV Agusta platform. Despite the drastic reduction in exhaust and noise emissions, homologated power output is rated at 140 hp. The innovations introduced for the F3 range are shared with the Dragster RR, particularly in terms of the new fuel mapping which is specific to this model, and traction control (8 levels). The operating logic of the EAS 2.0 electronic shifter has also been upgraded.