Every biker has the desire to customise their motorcycle to bring it as close as possible to their ultimate bike. The proof of this is the more than one hundred unique pieces made, under the guidance of our designer Alexandre Dauly, for customers of all types.

Virginio Ferrari, founder and owner of Monaco Design Studio


MV AGUSTA MONACO DESIGN STUDIO is a new official section of the MV AGUSTA factory specializing in the creation of unique models to meet a passionate clientele wishing to acquire an MV AGUSTA fully meeting their own desire for customization to make their motorcycle unique.

The process begins with dealers all over the world who can now talk to their customers about this new, high-end service from the factory. Customers can also contact the Monaco Design Studio directly.

When contact is made to start a project, MDS and the client discuss possible options. Several renderings of the project are then established.

When the project is defined between MDS and the customer, the project is subject to the last validations at the factory with the internal Design department, the CRC and the approval department.

The concrete development of the project can thus begin. Depending on the details of a project and the MV AGUSTA models used, the construction time of the motorcycle can vary between 3 and 6 months. Once completed, the motorcycle is tested for final approval, establishment of the "one off 1/1" certificate of authenticity and prepared for dispatch to its final destination.

The MV AGUSTA MONACO DESIGN team is made up of Virginio FERRARI, owner of the MDS, Alexandre DAULY in charge of Design and in charge of communication with customers for the development of "one off" projects, and Kazuhito SHIMIZU in charge of mechanical and assembly technique of the “one off” motorcycles.

The Team

Virginio Ferrari

Three-time Italian champion and World champion,  Virginio Ferrari, founder and owner of the Studio, has a long history of friendship and collaboration with MV Agusta. In 1994 he established Virginio Ferrari Racing, which in 1998 became the official MV Agusta importer in the Principality, now also in the nearby Alpes Maritimes Department

Alexandre Dauly

The design and commercial departments of the MONACO DESIGN STUDIO are held by Alexandre Dauly, a specialist of MV Agusta brand who was also founder in 2005 of Alkadesign, label dedicated to high level customizations on MV Agusta base which is now absorbed in the new official activity.

Kazuhito Shimizu

His technical organisation is represented by Kazuhito Shimizu (ITO) experienced mechanic engineer in the Superbike World Championship. ITO was responsible for the training of mechanics for MV Agusta French dealers in 2006 and 2007.

The possible modifications

Complete design of the aesthetic scheme of the motorcycle, design proposal and colors fully personalized to the image of the customer and according to his choices for all the fairings, the frame and the rims. Complete realization in high-end paint without a single sticker. High-end work of textures with various effects (brushed aluminum, wood), work with gold leaf and silver leaf, chrome plating and anodizing of parts as well. 

New upholstery shaped according to the overall design of the chosen paint, very large choice of materials (alcantara, leather with different textures, personalized embroidery etc ...)

Proposals to add all the accessories available in the MV AGUSTA catalog, all non-approved parts will be supplied in a box in addition to the motorcycle on delivery. The MV AGUSTA accessories available include carbon parts, aluminum parts cut in the mass, as well as exhaust systems.