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MV Agusta is by your side, in every situation.
Thanks to the new MV Agusta Road Assistance contract, we can guarantee you the best solution to any breakdowns, accidents or thefts. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with free motorbike transport for up to 100 km from your location. The service is included in the purchase of your new MV, across the whole range of motorbikes.

No matter what time it is, just contact the centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and a rescue vehicle will come to meet you where you are stranded to tow your bike to the closest MV Agusta authorised assistance centre within a 100 Km radius. Leaving you free to swiftly resume your journey.
The service also covers cases involving one or more punctured or damaged tyres, lost, stolen or broken keys, dead batteries and running out of fuel or misfuelling.

The MV Agusta Road Assistance services is included in the cost of purchasing your new MV Agusta — you don't need to sign any other document — and is valid for 24 months following the initial registration date. Ask your MV Agusta dealer about it to receive information about MV Agusta Road Assistance.

How does MV Agusta Road Assistance work?

If you need help, you can contact the operating centre using the CON NOBIS app or via telephone as follows:

ITALY +39 800 300 381 Download
SWITZERLAND - ITALIAN +41 080 008 8000 Download
SWITZERLAND - GERMAN +41 080 008 8000 Download
SWITZERLAND - FRENCH +41 080 008 8000 Download
GERMANY +49 080 018 402 11 Download
AUSTRIA +43 080 029 8155 Download
SPAIN +49 900 444 688 Download
PORTUGAL +351 800 834 003 Download
LUXEMBOURG +32 03 253 61 49 Download
THE NETHERLANDS +32 03 253 61 49 Download
BELGIUM +32 03 253 61 49 Download
FRANCE +33 080 094 7937 Download
THE UK +44 080 017 122 51 Download

The CON NOBIS application for smartphones and tablets can be downloaded free of charge. Your policy number is all you’ll need to use it.

What does the MV Agusta Road Assistance service cover?

The following are guaranteed in your country of residence:

Roadside Assistance in the event of breakdowns, accidents, fire, recovery following theft, attempted theft

Lodging expenses

Support for passengers to return home or continue their journey

Collection of the repaired vehicle

Information related to motor vehicles


Outside of your country of residence, we guarantee:

Repatriation of the vehicle from abroad

Advance on legal fees abroad

Advance on deposit abroad

Spare parts sent abroad


Which countries is the MV Agusta Road Assistance service valid in?

Coverage is provided in Italy and in Europe. “Europe” refers to those States which take part in the green card system whose international codes, as shown on the green card, are not crossed out, with the exception of: Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, the Canary Islands, Israel, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia (countries in a state of war, even if not declared, are also excluded).

The MV Agusta Road Assistance service is provided by the insurance company Nobis Compagnia di Assicurazioni S.p.A.