MV Agusta

On the bikers’ side
Your standard 3 years manufacturer’s warranty covers all mechanical, bodywork and electronic parts of your new bike,  guaranteeing free repair or replacement, without deductible and with unlimited mileage.
The MV Agusta warranty offers free towing to the nearest authorised dealer within 100 km in case of breakdown and many other advantages.
MV Agusta is broadening its financing solutions across Europe thanks to a series of collaborations with leading, specialised partners in each market.

warranty plus

Mechanical and
electronic parts covered

ENGINE: cylinder head and related gasket, timing gears, engine block, camshaft, main bearings (crankshaft main bearings), piston rod bearings (crankshaft piston rod bearings), shafts and rocker arms, crankshaft, piston rods, oil pump, hydraulic tappets, rocker arm unit, intake valves (not carbonised, burnt, corroded), exhaust valves (not carbonised, burnt, corroded), valve guide, head tappet cover gasket, pistons, timing chain (including tensioners), piston rings;

GEARBOX: main shaft, secondary shaft, EAS gear sensor kit, complete freewheel start, gears, gearbox bearing, oil gaskets, radial shaft seals, control unit;

FUEL: electric fuel pump, throttle and injectors, float;

ELECTRIC CIRCUIT: alternator, engine starter, ride-by-wire gas control, lambda sensor, navigation device (only if included as standard), heated hand grips;

ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: injector unit, instrument-dashboard panel;

COOLING SYSTEM: radiator, water pump, radiator electric fan;

BRAKING SYSTEM: master cylinder, ABS or hydraulic aggregate pump (hydraulic part only), ABS electronic unit;

CLUTCH: clutch master cylinder, secondary cylinder;

LABOUR: detach and reattach according to time required and the manufacturer’s instructions applied exclusively to the breakage of pieces covered by the Warranty, excluding diagnosis and finding the fault.

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