AMO RR e-Bike

A partire da € 3751

AMO RR e-Bike
A partire da € 3751
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The perfect match
Inconspicuous yet totally stylish Italian design, and a manic attention to details: the perfect match for the urban professional wanting to move around the city swiftly and with complete peace of mind.

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The choice of liveries reflects MV Agusta’s tradition, with yellow or red and black. The paint and decals are the same high-grade, premium products used by MV Agusta for its legendary motorcycles.

Zero noise
and emissions

The elegant step-through, aircraft-grade aluminum frame brings everyday ease and a most comfortable upright ride.

Ease of Use

A simple one-button interface and few detachable parts. A drive belt is used instead of a chain drive, eliminating any grease & dirt.

MV is a single speed bike, but you can choose how much effort you want to put in.


No need to be an expert cyclist to take care of your AMO. The choice of super premium materials and components practically dispenses you of any maintenance.

Motion System
75 Km
Comfortable ride distance
25 KM/H
Velocità massima
Magura MT4
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
specifiche tecniche
specifiche tecniche
specifiche tecniche
It’s time to make a choiceWhich MV bike suits you the most?

The elegant, modern bike inspired by MV’s iconic engine-powered models.


The engine-powered bike with a distinct, sporty touch. Limited to 200 items.

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€ 3751

ordina subito

Zero noise and emissions.

The most comfortable upright ride.

The frame perfectly conceals the silent Mahle ebikemotion 4-level engine, and the 36V Panasonic battery powering it, yet maintaining a slim, attractive profile, with no bulky batteries or electrical wiring sticking out.

Comfort is ensured by the high-tech, premium Fizik saddle and the ergonomic Brooks grips, while safety is guaranteed by the Magura Front and Rear disc brakes. It comes completely assembled and ready to ride, for total ease of use.


Premium materials and components.

Aircraft grade aluminum is notably resistant to corrosion, and the Panasonic battery and Mahle motor, possibly among the most durable in the industry, are safely lodged inside the frame, well protected from atmospheric conditions.

Moreover, the belt drive requires virtually no maintenance, simply needing minimal attention every 20 to 30 thousand kilometres!

The premium Pirelli tyres, contribute to the exceptional durability of your AMO, with the same level of quality and reliability found in Pirelli’s leading motorsports products.


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